What is Racing Yacht Club?
- It's a society of active, positive successful people, passionate about the sea and yacht races. Some of our members come without any experience and others are experienced sailors. In common - desire to become faster in the most effective way.

Members of Barcelona Racing Yacht Club get free club card and polo, can participate in J80 racing and training activities with experienced instructor once a week (12 practices), visit theoretical classes and all the meetings of the club. Also get 10% discount for any offers of Barna-Barca including offshore regattas. All this options you get for the price of 11 sailing practices - 440 eur!

Why yacht races?
- Because it's a challenging way to test your intelligence, attentiveness, decision speed in difficult conditions with other competing gentlemen.

We made Barcelona Racing Yacht Club to help you get maximum pleasure from Barcelona, and to improve your sailing skills in a most effective way. Not a secret that only regular trainings give a result. That's why we made three months subscription - during this period of system practices you will become experienced member of racing crew, and will be pleased in any amateur team. 

First month will give you understanding of maneuvers under basic sails and skills to do them in some safe, but not the most effective way.
During second month you will get first experience with a additional, flying sail - gennaker, which always present us some breathtaking sailing minutes. 
During third month you will be able to improve these skills paying more attention to efficiency and coordinated team work. 

Barcelona Racing Yacht Club invites expats and english speaking natives. Our classes and sailing practices are in english, but when it's necessary we can give additional explanation in Spanish or Russian as well.

Remember - it's easy to win the race. Just "start first and increase your lead"!


Myths About Sailing

-  It’s a long way to start sailing.
Any yachtsman studies all his life, but in three months we will make you a full-fledged crewman with whom we can win races.

- Sailing races are for young and strong
With such type of yachts, regattas are won by most skilful, not by the most physically strong crew. The age of the crew members can vary from 14 to 60 + years old.

- To sail you need personal equipment, which is very expansive
Barcelona is a beautiful sunny city where you can sail most of the year without special clothes or other equipment. The only one you need – life vest – we will provide for you. Just don’t forget your sun protection!

- Sea sickness
 It’s one of advantages of small racing yachts – seasickness almost doesn’t exist here.  But in general it’s not that bad as commonly thought– it’s just necessary to be prepared and know what to do.

- It looks boring
It looks slow from the shore, but on board it’s never boring. Every manoeuvre on a sailing boat is an event.  During a race you don’t have a single minute to relax.

- It’s not for me. It’s another world.
It’s for You! Just one step separates you from becoming a yachtsman.  Call us and join Barcelona Racing Yacht Club!


For Boat Owners

If you want to race your own boat - we have other project, Yacht Consulting Barcelona. There we help to find out which boat will better suit for the regattas you want to make, for your format and budget. We will help to buy a boat, make racing calendar, prepare a boat for races, finf you a crew and skipper and lead you to a podium. We confirmed our competence by Cups of our clients.

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