Day one


Tip 1. J80 is a light racing boat, easy heeling (tilting). One should always be aware not to get out of boat and when moving hold on to something. 

Tip 2.  There is a part of the boat which names boom, and it´s not just a coincidence. It can fly from one side of the boat to another making BOOM. Be aware of it.

Sitting and

Tip 3. All the buzz onboard makes us inefficient. All movements should be as laconic as possible.

Tip 4. How to sit. Boat should have some heeling, but not a lot. Sit forward and in the upper, windward side if it´s windy to counteract heeling. Sit in the bellow, leeward side  if it´s calm, to heel a bit. 


Tip 5. Winch serves for reducing a force when we work with sheets (ropes that control a sail). It works with a winch handle and has two gears. When you turn the handle one direction  - winch is rotating fast but harder. Another - slow but easy.

Tip 6. Sheet should be loaded round  the winch clockwise and then be fixed in a self-tail (groove in the top)

Tip 7. To trim. 
•    Take the sheet out of the self-tail keeping a tension on,
•    Trim with hands as you can, 
•    Fix sheet in self-tail keeping a tension on
•    trim more with a winch handle if necessary

Tip 8. To ease (several centimeters). 
•    Take the sheet  out of the self-tail keeping a tension on
•    rotate a sheet in the winch by left hand as much as you need, 
•    Fix sheet in self-tail keeping a tension on

Tip 9. To ease (a lot). 
•    Take the sheet out of the self-tail
•    Ease a sheet, 
•    Fix sheet in self-tail.

Tip 10. Let Fly. 
•    Take the rope out of the stopper
•    Spin the rope vertically upwards to clear the turns off the winch and then let go. 
•    Make sure that the sheet will run out smoothly


Mistake 1.
Unplanned easing some centimeters of the sheet when you put it on or release from the self-tail. Two ways to avoid it
•    keep with a left hand sheet rounds on the winch, 
•    keep the tension on the sheet all the way when putting or releasing it from self-tail

Mistake 2.
After trimming by hand trying to pull a sheet a little bit more and more. Much faster is to put it in a moment in self-tail and trim the rest with a handle

Mistake 3.
Staying or sitting on the sheet when you let it fly. 

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