How to get to the Barcelona Racing Yacht Club training base?

We meet in port Olimpic, pier 3. Instructor will wait you near the pier's entrance. You can see the map following the link
How to get there:
By metro - Closest metro station is Ciutadella Villa Olimpica. 
By car - there is a parking in the port, with some parking places in front of the pier. Parking has a normal city price.

Are there any age, physical, gender or other limits to sail with Barcelona Racing Yacht Club? Do I need experience to join sail trainings?

Sailing is for everybody! :) 
You don't need any sailing experience to start train with us, only wishes. As well there are no physical or gender limits to come to Barcelona Racing Yacht Club. In general we don´t train children, we recommend to join Barcelona Racing Yacht Club from 16 years old, but it´s all very personal. Don´t hesitate to contact us anyway, at least we can  recommend a good child instructor in Barcelona.

How can I choose time and join Barcelona Racing Yacht Club sail training?

Basicly - just write us a message or make a call and we will inform you with pleasure about all possibilities. We always train on wednesday and saturday at 16.00, and any day when we have a team.  
But if you are at least two persons - we will make training for you almost any day and time (except if the boat is booked already or if we are racing out of Barcelona)

What to bring along, what clothes will suit for a sail training?

We have all necessory special equipment for you. The only one that is recommended is a bottle of water and sun protection. About clothes, any comfortable one will suit. Just dress like for windy day. In summer it can be shorts, t-shirt and some wind jacket just in case. In winter - thermal underwear, jeans, fleece and jacket. And any season snickers will be much better then flip-flops.

What kind of boat do we sail in Barcelona Racing Yacht Club?

J80 is a racing monotype sailing boat. It has no fridge, table or swim ladder. But instead it´s very fast, our one has nine sails and it´s perfect for the study to sail as everything is close and simple. 
What does it means - "monotype"? - it means that we race with exactly the same boats of opponents and only a team makes difference. (with some assumption, as one can spend more or less on the boat maintenance, but it's still has a lot of sense). More we train - more chances to be in the head!

How do Barcelona Racing Yacht Club sail training looks like

We have a course  based on 12 trainings and we try to maintain it even if you book a single practices, not a course. Our training always consists of 4 parts
- Before the training we make a plan, how many time we want to spend on different elements.
- Then we train.
- When we are back in the port - we discuss questions, made mistakes and key points.
- And then we send you a dose of theory that corresponds to your level. 

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