Basic sails settings

Have you ever heard order of the skippers: "trim that blue rope". Here we will clear up what they mean.

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1.       Main Sheet – adjust angle of attack of mainsail+ tense leech when sail upwind. Orders: «push in/ease main sheet», «push up/letting out main sheet»

2.       Outhaul – tense foot. As a rule you push it in before upwind sailing and ease before off wind.  Ease it a little bit in underpowered conditions as well. Order «push in foot», “push in outhaul”, “ease outhaul”

3.       Cunninghum – as well as halyard adjust the luff tension. Push in just enough to remove any horizontal wrinkles. A vertical wrinkle parallel to the luff is sign of too much halyard/cunninghum tension

4.       Traveler – change angle of attack of mainsail without affecting leech tension or other settings. Orders «traveler further to windward» «ease/push up traveller» « pull the traveler higher», “take up traveller” 

5.       Vang – tense leech. When upwind can be eased as it duplicates main sheet, which affect leech as well, but it’s necessary to adjust vang when sailing offwind. The best rule for all courses is to keep the top batten parallel to the boom. Orders «push in /ease vang» 

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